Hold a Scorpion

Diana Poole has never been much of an actress, unlike her mother, but she's made enough to restore her California home. One day she spots a woman outside her home waving to her, the woman steps into oncoming traffic and is killed. The next day an armed man demands to know what happened to the dead woman's Scorpion. Diana has no idea what the man means, but a quick check of the accident scene turns up a jeweled scorpion, one Diana remembers seeing her mother wearing. Who was the dead woman and what did the Scorpion have to do with her death?


City of Mirrors   Shooting Hollywood

Diana Poole just wants to
make a living acting, but
betrayal and murder keep
getting in her way.



The short story collection
of Diana Poole, actress
and unintended sleuth,
is now an eBook.

The Mother Shadow   Beauty Dies

The indomitable duo of
Claire Conrad and Maggie
Hill, the female version of
Archie Goodwin and Nero
Wolfe, have been reissued.


  The second Clare Conrad /
Maggie Hill novel is now
available as an eBook.

"I took a deep breath and slipped inside as quiet as a piece of silk. On the hall landing gold-streaked mirrors reflected my lurking image over and over. A small crystal chandelier glittered above me. I heard a gasping sound, stepped toward the living room and stopped dead…"– Hold a Scorpion


PROMO! Look What Pegasus is doing for HOLD A SCORPION. If you preorder by Oct. 24th you may get a beautiful scorpion bracelet. A major clue in the novel. Why do I feel like I'm on the QVC channel?


Video: Melodie talks about writing and Hollywood

"City of Mirrors is slick and smart with a 'Chinatown' vibe, only funnier and with an insider's view of Hollywood, a place that 'has the attention span of a coked-up executive producer,' a place where people live in ‘Technicolor’ and then 'fade to black.'"– The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel